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Our Kisan to factory (K2F) milk aggregation model is completely technology driven. Helping 1000s of dairy farmers for disposal of milk at remunerative price and within 2 km radius of their village home. Same time assuring dairy plants for consistent supply of good quality milk in large volumes on sustainable basis. Thus bridging the gap between farmers and dairy plants.

Our work starts with identifying the potential village where cow milk is produced and farmers are keen to adapt good milking practices. Villages where milk storage and chilling conditions are not good and potential to grow farm income by setting up necessary infrastructure is need of farmers.

We tie up with local farmer for space and for rural connect and then install necessary infrastructure for quality testing, grading collection and storage of milk in chilled conditions. The centers are operated by local farmers under our supervision and guidance. Majority of our infrastructure is in cow milk growing districts of Pune and Ahmednagar in Maharashtra State

Milk collected at our milk collection centers (MCC) is sent to dairy plants for further processing in dairy products.

All our milk collection centers are equipped with milk chilling and storage units, power generators, solar powered milk quality testing machines, weighing scales and data processors. Uniqueness of these centers is that they are all IT enabled, and all testing is done by automatic machines with no manual intervention.

We monitor milk collection on real time basis. The milk collection data is aggregated on our central server and processed further to understand the productivity and quality pattern and thus help farmers to produce good quality milk on sustainable basis. Our farmers receive receipt of milk through instant SMS. They are paid through online digital banking system in their Bank account so that there is no cash/ pilferage issues.

Around 1200+ happy farmer families are associated with company andtheir number is growing continuously since we started operations during November 2018.

Our Farmers are given extended support through training for good milking practices, Veterinary care for their cows, supply of cattle feed, farm loan etc.


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