Farmer Friends

Farmer Friends

Happy Cow Dairy Co. Pvt. Ltd., is primarily engaged in aggregation of milk from dairy farmers of rural Maharashtra.

The dream vision and passion of Sarad, started materializing during year 2017 with support of like-minded friends. Sarad always saw an opportunity for growth of dairy farmers who have been depended on dairy farming for their daily need of livelihood. Land based agriculture has longer than 1 years gestation cycle for farmer to harvest the produce for commercial realization. And when one year of poor monsoon results in distress sale of land and animal for want of cash, Dairy becomes the only option. Same time, erratic demand & supply of milk, poor pricing policy, malpractices of middlemen and almost zero support services; leaves farmers at growth levels below par. It is also a herculean task to procure milk in large volumes from this widely scattered community of small and marginal farmers.

Happy Cow Dairy has set up bulk milk collection centers with complete facility of milk testing, grading, chilling and storing. With transparent systems, fair practices, remunerative pricing, complete support through extension services, the company is putting all efforts in uplifting livelihood of dairy farmers.

Company operates in 2 business segments, K2F (Kissan to Factory) by supplying cow milk in bulk and K2C (Kissan to Consumer) by offering pure and natural cow milk to discerning consumers.

To Moowing Positive Energy Whole Day

Highest Quality

We have set a high-quality benchmark on our milk process so that it assures you that our products are the best quality consumable item.

Pure Taste

No added powder, No toning, Pure and natural as given by mother cow

Rich in Protein

Natural source of protein for bodybuilding and vitamin for body immune system

Safe Packaging

The best packaging film. Elegantly designed, no conuterfeiting.

Cow Care

We take care of them. No hormones feeding. Natural fodder and feed. Hand milking. Calf Care

Meet Our Team

Team moto ‘ Happy Cows Happy Farmers, Healthy Consumers Happy living
Sarad Garodia
Managing Director

founder of the company

Dr. Mahendra Mehta

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Gaurishankar Jhalani

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Shresth Garodia

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Amar Kumar
Manager- Milk Sales

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Sachin Naikade
Manager Procurement

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